Careline Lifestyles backs call for the appointment of a Learning Disabilities Commissioner

Careline Lifestyles backs call for the appointment of a Learning Disabilities Commissioner

Careline Lifestyles has backed calls by the author of the Winterbourne View report for the appointment of a Learning Disabilities Commissioner to lead improvements in the care of people with learning disabilities.

Sir Stephen Bubb, who wrote his initial report in November 2014, has now released ‘Time for Change – The Challenge Ahead’ in which he calls on the Government to make a senior appointment to lead the radical changes needed to improve learning disability care. The Learning Disabilities Commissioner should have a statutory duty to promote and protect the rights of all people with learning disabilities and their families, the report says.

In the aftermath of the Winterbourne View scandal, Sir Stephen recommended two key reforms – the closure of inappropriate care facilities and ramping up of community provision, alongside the necessity for a Charter of Rights for people with learning disabilities and their families – but has since conceded the challenges of reforming the sector are greater than first thought.

Unveiling his new report earlier this week, Sir Stephen also suggests that 10,000 extra members of trained staff will be needed to support people in their own community, and appropriate housing accommodation must be provided for the 1,300 people expected to move out of hospital care by 2019. 

Careline Lifestyles, a leading independent care provider which operates ten specialist facilities across the North East, has welcomed Sir Stephen’s new recommendations. Careline Lifestyles invests heavily in its operation to ensure it leads the way in its sector regionally and beyond, to provide the most innovative and highest standards of care.

Rahul Sharma, chief executive of Careline Lifestyles – headquartered in iconic premises adjoining Central Station in Newcastle – said: “We very much welcome the new recommendations and support Sir Stephen’s views wholeheartedly. Within Careline Lifestyles, we continually improve and invest in what we do, to ensure we lead the way in caring for people with learning and other disabilities – for that approach to be adopted nationally would make a huge positive difference to vulnerable people and their families.

“What the sector now needs is for the Government to get behind these new recommendations and ensure they become reality, so that people with learning disabilities receive the care they need to be able to live their lives with the appropriate levels of care and support they need.”