Come Dine with Me at St Stephens

Come Dine with Me at St Stephens

I was asked by the Therapy Team to participate in a group activity with service users from others homes in Careline called Come Dine with Me. This was to for 2 service users from St Stephens, Deneside and Lanchester to take turn in cooking for each service. On the first week I and Karl Johnston cooked Chicken Kebabs with Salad and tortilla wraps. I prepared the salad and the kebabs after Karl diced the chicken. Karl also done a home made garlic sauce that was really strong. He liked it when others tasted it and pulled funny faces.

I think Come Dine with me went well. I enjoyed meeting other service users from the other Careline homes, and catching up with my friend Louise who lives at Lanchester Court. I liked taking part in the cooking as it is helping me to learn new cooking skills and becoming more independent. I would like it if Come Dine with me could become a regular event and for us to be able to meet up with the other service users form other homes more often to take part in group activities.

By Emma Hill – St Stephens


Other comments:

“ I think it would be better if others talked a little more” – Abbie Deneside Court

“it was nice” thought Ian from Lanchester Court

Karl from St Stephens thought it “was a belta”

“ the Meal was very nice” – Louise from Lanchester court

“ I think it went really well, I got to meet new people and would like to see it happen more often”. Emma St Stephens

“ I really enjoyed it “ Lucie from Deneside