Heroes of the Week

Heroes of the Week

Congratulations to our Heroes of the Week, we are very proud of you.

Wilkinson Park:  Les Watson, Alison Little

St Stephen’s Court:  Michelle Swan, David Brydon,  Alan Fortune, Stacey Hall, Kieran Knight

Lyons Court: Gemma Fisher, Jacqui, Judith Buckle, Caitlin Crowther, Sian Johnson

Bowes Court:   Claire Poulter

Deneside Court:  Sam Slater, Jude Foster, Danielle Henley

St Aiden’s Cottage: Amber King. Katherine McDowell, Annalise Espin, Bethany Heslington

Neville’s Court: Joes Smith

De Bruce Court:  Sandra Alderdice, Julie Elliot, Samantha Hinchcliffe

Lanchester Court:  Zara Fitzpatrick, Natasha Seys, Yvonne Black, Janice Cousins, Nicola McTaggart