Personal Visions:    Paintings, Drawings by Residents of Careline Lifestyles Care Homes

Personal Visions: Paintings, Drawings by Residents of Careline Lifestyles Care Homes

Art has the ability to inspire and to make people see things from different perspectives. Through artistic expression, people are able to communicate thoughts, ideas or fears in a way that is sometimes not possible with verbal communication.    
 It has been proven that art therapy can help to alleviate symptoms of depression, reduce stress, improve communication skills and help to build self-esteem.  Art therapy can help improve symptoms related to physical and mental disorders. Among other benefits, it can also help to reduce pain, stress and irritability levels. 
 Following on from the success of the last Careline Lifestyles’ art exhibition, we have decided to hold the event again in April of this year. 
 As part of the Care Lifestyles Therapeutic Services Team we are fortunate to have a very talented resident artist, Fettlework Tesfaye, who has been carrying out a range of different therapeutic art projects with service users in a number of our homes.   A selection of artwork produced in these sessions has been chosen to be displayed at our exhibition to celebrate the diversity of talent from individuals with a range of differing abilities and challenges, as well as highlighting the positive impact of the therapeutic art process.   
 Last year, 14 residents were involved in the art therapy project which saw them produce a fantastic mix of pieces which were displayed at the Holy Biscuit in Newcastle.   Some of the participants have told us that one of the greatest benefits of the project has been to give them an outlet for expressing complex emotions which sometimes cannot be expressed with words.  
 The outcome is that the art therapy project has not only helped our residents physically and emotionally but has seen individuals become involved and engaged with the local community through the exhibition. 
 Since last year’s event, we have been able to offer more art therapy opportunities and 28 of our residents, across more of our care homes, have now engaged with the project.   
 This year we  are looking forward to seeing the exhibition come to fruition and have 60 paintings to display.  There will be an opportunity to purchase some of the pieces with funds going back to support the project going forward.  There will also be an opportunity to purchase some woodwork items from our Timber Timber Crew, who are residents of St Stephens Care Home in Newcastle.   
 The event will once again be held at Holy Biscuit 1 Clarence Street, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 1Y8 from  Friday 5th April 2019  until Thursday 11th April 2019 between 11am and 4pm and we extend an invitation for you to visit during that time to see the inspiring work that has been produced.