Assisted Living

Careline Lifestyles have developed the Transitional Pathway Programme to enable adults who may have neurological, mental health needs, learning and physical disabilities develop and improve their daily living and social skills.

The Transitional Pathway Programme takes an individual on a journey that can often be quite difficult and painful through a series of elements to empower and enable them reach the optimum of their own potential in life with the ultimate goal being a return to living in the community.


This is achieved by taking a Service User from a residential status through training, education and skill setting and supporting them to manage their own budgets and lifestyle choices to some degree.

Training, Education and Skill Setting will be conducted in each individual’s own apartment.  Each person will be supported and assessed in their ability to cope in their own independent living environment.

All of the skills sets and assessments are outcome based.  At every level of a skill set, upon achievement of gaining that level, the Service User will receive a certificate confirming this and be taken on to the next level until the optimum level is acquired for that individual.

The skill set training and education programme will be ongoing until such time that Careline Lifestyles as the provider, and the local authority/social services department have agreed that this client can go on to either independent or supported living.

Domiciliary/Outreach Support Service

It is our intention to have systems in place to allow the staff members of Careline Lifestyles who have supported the Service User throughout their Transitional Pathway to further support the Individual when they have progressed to independent or supported living in the community.  This would be totally achieved by a Domiciliary/Outreach Support Service provided by Careline Lifestyles.

Taking into consideration that Service Users will invariably meet pitfalls that they may not be able to cope with when living in the community, the opportunity is always available for Individuals to rejoin the Transitional Pathway Programme for intermediate support to enable them return to living in the community.

For further information on The Careline Lifestyles Transitional Pathway Programme, please contact us on Tel: 0191 284 0231 Fax: 0191 284 4056 or email:

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”

– Maya Angelou